After many years of introducing friends and family to Sandy Neck 4wd beach and the surrounding waters, I am now offering this service to those visiting our shores. This beach is a special place where you can easily bring your gear with you to enjoy the tranquil sandbars and wading pools.

Begin your experience in the quaint West Barnstable village store. I’ll meet you here and you can park your vehicle and purchase food and drinks for the day. Then, we will load up in my permitted 4wd for the short drive to Sandy Neck Beach ORV Park. Hang on while we four-wheel drive out on the beach for fun in the sun and exploring.
Once here we can paddleboard and snorkel to view sea life. Walk the dune trails back to the marsh while passing through shady trees and wild cranberry bogs that produce in the fall. Swim and wade in the clear cool waters of Cape Cod Bay or just sit and relax with friends and family. When the tides have turned we will pack up the gear and return back to your vehicle. Having enjoyed the Cape in a way few tourists ever get to.

I am hosting this experience through Air B&Bs new experience feature. you can click the link below to check availability and book your excursion.

Explore Sandy Neck by 4WD & S.U.P.

Feel free to reach out through email with any special request you may have through the contact form at the bottom of the page.