Growing up my friend’s and I would jump off the railroad bridge just off the mid-Cape highway by exit 9. On hot summer days, we would park at the abandoned rest area and jump until a state cop kicked us out. I always wonder how people would come in from the south and finally figured it out, Indian Lands Conservation. The Indian Lands are a great chunk of conservation stretching from the base of the old train bridge to the ancient graveyard off main street in Dennis.  I clocked over 2 miles exploring the different trail loops on two island type landmasses surrounded by a mix of marsh and Bass river. It’s a pet-friendly walk that has picnic tables, benches, and a few small spots you could go for a swim in the river. The parking can be found on the Adventure Map at and a trail map is at the Dennis town section of the site. Indian lands is also part of the trails that go from Sandwich to Provincetown that can be found at the Cape Cod Pathways Map.