Adventure Tours on Sandy Neck

After many years of introducing friends and family to Sandy Neck 4wd beach and the surrounding waters, I am now offering this service to those visiting our shores. This beach is a special place where you can easily bring your gear with you to enjoy the tranquil sandbars and wading pools. I am hosting this experience through Air B&Bs new experience feature.

S.O.S. the Ultimate ORV Equipment Box

The Sandy Nech Offroad Supply (S.O.S.)  ORV BOX has all the equipment you need to drive out on the beach in one package. The box is custom made of sturdy 3/4 in plywood to handle beach life. The top of the box exceeds the minimum requirements to be used as a Jack Support Board for Cape Cod beach driving. Inside you will find storage for the included folding shovel, tire pressure gauge, and tow strap.