The Sandy Nech Offroad Supply (S.O.S.) ORV BOX has all the equipment you need to drive out on the beach in one package. The box is custom made of sturdy 3/4 in plywood to handle beach life. The top of the box exceeds the minimum requirements to be used as a Jack Support Board for Cape Cod beach driving. Inside you will find storage for the included folding shovel, tire pressure gauge, and tow strap. You can purchase or ask questions by emailing or calling (508) 534-8803.

If you have an Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) on Cape Cod there is a good chance you use it on the beach. For every beach, there is a minimum required amount of equipment to get your ORV Sticker.

A typical list consists of…

Tow strap – 6,800 lb. capacity, 1 1/2” wide. length 15 feet
Support board— size 18” x 18”, 3/4” plywood
Shovel— equal to military folding type or better
Tire gauge— must register 10 psi or lower
Spare tire- typically onboard the vehicle
Jack- typically onboard the vehicle

The ORV BOX incorporates the support board, shovel, tow strap, and tire pressure gauge into one portable package. When its time for the beach grab you ORV BOX and GO!

If you have questions or would like to purchase a box please call (508) 534-8803. The Box is 19″x19″x4″ it includes one 20’x2″ tow strap, one folding shovel, and one tire pressure gauge. The purchase price is $94.12 plus tax Equals $100 if you would like just an empty box we can make that happen. I strive to have boxes in stock and ready for delivery. I live in Barnstable and work in Harwich so meeting to deliver around the Mid Cape is fairly easy.

For a complete equipment list for each ORV beach on Cape Cod, use the following links. Sandy Neck ORV information, Town of Dennis ORV information, Nauset Beach ORV information , National Seashore ORV Information

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