If you find yourself stuck in the middle of Hyannis looking to go for a lunch run, with solitude, check out Hyannis ponds. It’s a Large patch of land sandwiched between Mary Dunn Rd, Rt 6, Willow St, and the Airport.  It’s popular with mountain bikers so most of the single track trails loop around and through obstacles. Screenshot 2017-06-03 at 7.47.29 PMThe main trails are flat, sandy, and wide because they were originally supposed to be roads. There is one spot with a high vista that looks out over Hyannis where you can see from the airport all the way to Cape Cod Hospital. You can park on Marry Dunn near Independence Way or off  Willow St. under the highway bridge. The Cape Cod Pathway cuts through the property, that is managed by the Mass Department of Fish and Game, and is the most direct route through running along the Hiway. There are 4 ponds within the borders that are shallow  and provide a good opportunity for wildlife watching. Parking locations can be found on the Cape Cod Adventure Map and for more information, you can watch the video below and then head over to the Barnstable page.